Glencorse (previously Glencross) parish, though small, has quite a bit of history ranging from its beginnings in early records about the year 1230. Revenues were raised by the owners in the lands of Bavelaw to support the church of St Katherine in the Hopes, the ancient predecessor of Old Glencorse, and whose ruins lie in Glencorse Reservoir.

Early residents were farmers, landed gentry, and estate workers. Areas within the parish include Milton Bridge, Glencorse Barracks, Mauricewood Estate, Penicuik, Auchendinny. The parish was formed in 1589 and was made quad sacra 1615 or so. The old church on Erincraig opened after 1647, with the ‘new’ church opening in 1887 near Milton Bridge.

The church bell communion cups (1702) and baptismal font from Erincraig church are in use today.

The Erincraig site is now privately owned and is not open to the general public. The estate owners have made the old church building safe and had it re-roofed. We thank Mr & Mrs McCaig for allowing “Recording Angels” access to the Erincraig site to measure up and read the remaining stones.

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