On page 30 under Carrington Parish Church paragraph 4, line 1, the first use of the church was 1711 not 1911.


On page 134 Plot H54 delete [Jean Lothian, Bonnyrigg, aged 6 months, interred 13/10/1942]. Add to H54a [Jean Robertson Mathieson, Bonnyrigg, aged 6 months, interred 13/10/1942]. Amend index accordingly.


Headstone Xd, page 40:
As this headstone no longer exists in any readable form, the information quoted cannot be verified. An Australian family visiting Crichton provided the following information, some of which differs from that quoted in our book.

  • George Howden, born 26/04/1767, died 17/04/1843.
  • Marion Bee, his wife, born 22/04/1766, died 18/03/1846.
  • Euphemia Craig, his daughter-in-law, born 17/09/1798, died 18/03/1845.
  • John Howden, his son, born 16/03/1798, died in Australia 11/09/1883.

The burial records for Crichton Parish provide no confirmation of any of the above. The Family Search website gives some detail about George and Marion but this is at variance with other information.

These details are included for general information only. Researchers will have to make their own assessment. “Recording Angels” will welcome any comments and additional information.

On page 49 there is reference to a plaque on a building on Pathhead, Main Street. It has been suggested that the first line of roman numerals is the date 1876 which is probably when the building was first used. The IOGT refers to the Independent Order of Good Templars, an anti-drink organisation who were popular in Midlothian in the 19th Century. 572 Preston is probably a lodge or chapter title, Preston being a local name. The NB is North Britain, ie Scotland. The final line is a Greek/Latin hybrid script and refers to Philadelphia, USA where those Templars originated.

On page 15 Plot B12 Cecilia Bertram Baillie died Jan 25 1933, not 1923.

Dalkeith Part 1

St David’s (R.C.) Church War Memorial. (Page 129)

Further research has found confirmation of details partly obscured during earlier readings of the inscription.

1914 : For Pte J. McLennie (?) read Pte J. Malerkie.
1915 : Pte R. Lyon is confirmed.
1916 : For Sgt P. McCarthy read Sgt P. McCarthney.
1916 : For Cpl T. Sc . . . . . read Cpl T. Combe.
1916 : For Pte J. Cum . . . . . read Pte J. Comerey.
1916 : Add Pte J. Thorburn.
1918 : For Pte C. Joyce read Pte G. Joyce.

Our apologies for any confusion which this may have caused.

Fala & Soutra - addendum

At the south end of Fala Recreation Park, near the stream, is a stone marker with a metal plaque inscribed :-
Happy memories / of / Philippa [Mary, aged 37] Alexa [Rachel, aged 4] / and Mark [Edward, aged 1] / 5 - 2- -1995
This is a family named Linsley which died in a road traffic accident between Lauder and Earlston, on the A68.

Within the garden of Falaburn House (one time known as Gavelton) is a masonry pillar surmounted by a sundial. The north face has an inset engraved panel now mostly unreadable. It is written in French and commemorates a relative of a one time owner of the house :-
. . . . . . . . / . . . . . moire de . . . . / . . . . . / John Waugh qui mort / . . . . . . . . . / . . . . res le 15 de / . . . . . al 1823 age 28 ans
It is known that the death occurred in what was then British Honduras and is now Belize. A translation has not been attempted because there is so little text visible.

The memorial is within private ground but viewing may be arranged with the present owner Mr Murray Burns.
(Falaburn House, Fala Dam, PATHHEAD, Midlothian. EH37 5SU.
Tel. No. 01875 833 357)

Should anyone be able to add any verifiable information regarding this memorial “Recording Angels”, and the owner of Falaburn House, will be most grateful if such information can be transmitted to “Recording Angels”.


A glitch occurred in the preparation of the Surname Index for printing resulting in a number of errors and nonsequential entries. “Recording Angels” sincerely regret this and hope that it has not confused researchers. To list an amendment here would not be practicable but “Recording Angels” will exchange any Glencorse books purchased before 1st February 2013 if the purchasers provide their details, preferably by email, or other suitable means.


The following additional / corrected information has been brought to our attention :

In section Hn (page 118) :- Teresa McDonald, aged 2, interred 05/06/1923. This has been confirmed as Theresa May Macdonald aged 3, died 03/06/1923. (She was born on 09/06/1920)

Her parents, Helen Toban Anderson and David McBain Macdonald both lie in Plot 177 (page 22) along with a son, Donald, who died 09/07/1999.

Another son, Alexander Macdonald, lies in Plot H39 (page 112) aged 2 days, interred 12/03/1913.

We have no way of knowing whether his sister Theresa May lies with him or with their parents.

Newbattle II

On page 42 Plot C339 For Thomas Northwick, read Thomas Borthwick. Amend index accordingly.


War Memorials. (Page 111)

The panel on the outdoor Memorial near the Church has had the final name in the 1939 - 1945 section amended from Pte T. George Gdn. Hrs. with an overlay reading Pte T. Charles Gdn. Hrs.


On page 62 Plot C38 Kelly Anne Gibson was interred in 1983 not 1883.